Would you like to see your officers at work? Make sure they are doing their assigned Tour Stops?

The Real-Time Dashboard will allow you to do that.

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To get to the Real-Time Dash Board, you can follow these steps:

  1. Login to the Main Site from OfficerReports.net with your Administrator Username
  2. Select the Reports module on the left side of the screen
  3. Select the Real-time Dashboard to open


To view your Site(s) Tour Stops, select the Sites drop-down box, in the upper left corner of the screen:



To select which Activities, you would like to observe, click on the Activities drop down box:


From the Activities you selected to view in “real time”, once that activity is completed (Clock In / Out or Tour Stop) it will be identified on the right side of the Real Time Dashboard screen.


In this example, you see where the first Tour Stop was completed:


Shift Monitor:

You can  use the Real-Time Dashboard to monitor upcoming shifts of officers scheduled through Time and Attendance -> Schedule.  Any potential issues will be highlighted in red. This section is located at the bottom of the Real-Time Dashboard window.

  • Client -  Name of your Client the Site / location belongs to.
  • Site -  Name you've given for this Client location.
  • Clocked In*
  • Clocked Out*
  • Shift Start - Scheduled Shift Start Time.
  • Shift End - Scheduled Shift End Time.

* Clock In / Clock Out column Legend:

 No issues
Y! [Clock Time]Officer Clocked In / Out Late with the Clock Time

Note: Shift Alerts are set to allow an officer to clock in 5 minutes before Shift Start and 5 minutes after Shift End. To change the default settings please see Setting up Smart Features.
Officer has not Clocked In / Out