We use a straightforward and basic per Site per Month pricing structure (and bill in advance). We keep our billing structure simple and all-inclusive in order to keep it simple. As a business owner, you already have enough complicated bills to read - we didn't want to add another to your plate.

Due to the way our pricing is structured we do not have a way to identify a short-term or event Site / location. We DO have a workaround that satisfies the need for reporting when you're contracted to do this type of work, on a regular basis.

Access to reports via email or via logging in to the Main Site is rarely (if ever) requested by a Client, you do these types of one time or multiple time a month type of events. Reports or other information are more commonly only sent to a Client upon request. You can print the requested reports that an event Client is requesting by going to the report details, clicking print, and printing to PDF in order to email it to the Client. This makes this work-around possible and we certainly recommend doing this if you are involved with multiple one time events during the month, even if they only last a night or a short time-frame.

Create the Events Client

First, we want to create a Client that is separate from the rest of your Clients. To do this go to Setup -> Clients and click +Add Client in the upper left-hand corner. Name the client Events and keep Email Incidents to Users unchecked as shown below:

Click Submit

As you now have a Client called Events added to your Client list you can add a single Site to take care of the events that you are contracted to do.

Note: You would not want to use this method for anything other than events.

Adding the Event Site

Go to Setup -> Sites -> and click +Add Site in the upper left-hand corner.

Select the Client called Events that you created in the section above, enter a Site Name, such as Contracted Events, enter the address for your central office or a location that would be in the middle of any events that you may do throughout the month, and click Go.

You can then expand the Geo-fencing area to a size that would cover any events that you do throughout the month as shown in the example below:

Click Submit

Things to keep in mind

  • The Geo-fencing area for this Event Site will be large. You will want to ensure that your Officers are selecting the Event Site only when they are on-post at an Event and not at another Site that may also be under the same Geo-fencing area.
  • If you use the Time and Attendance features within OfficerReports you can use the Event Site to allow your officers to clock in and out while assigned to an Event
  • The name that you give the Event Site will be the name that appears on reports when you print them. It is highly recommended that if your officer needs to fill out a report during an event that they note the event they are submitting the report for in:
    • Daily Activity Report: Post / Shift
    • Incident Report: Location
    • Parking Violation: Location
    • Visitor Check-In: Destination

If you have any questions or would like to go into further detail on adding an Event Site please click the Request Training link via the Support Menu, while logged into the Main Site, to schedule a Training Session with your Customer Experience Manager.