Note: This article will show you how to Approve and Edit a Report if Approval Required or Editable is selected under the Site Report Options. Please see the following article for these Report Options.

How do I tell if a report needs approval and how do I approve it?

If Approval Required is needed and the report has NOT been approved you will see the a No in the Approved column. If the report is marked Yes then it has already been approved. If the report is marked N/A then Approval Required is not enabled for the Site the report was submitted at.

If you need to approve a report that indicates it has not been approved (by the No indicator in the Approved column). click on the Details button next to the report you need to approve.

The following screen will appear:

Review the report for anything that may need to be changed. If nothing needs changed you can click on the Approve button.

Note: Once a report is approved, if you have emails set to send to Client or Site users, the email will automatically be sent. If you need to edit the report prior to it being sent please see the section below.

Editing a Report and Adding Comments

If you need to edit a report before approving it or if you have the Editable option for reports turned on (automatically enabled with Approval Required) you can click on the Edit button. The Edit Report window will appear where you can edit what you need to (grammar, spelling, etc) in the report submitted by your officer.

Once you have finished making your changes to a report click the Submit button to save your changes.

Note: When you edit a report your name and the date / time the report was edited will display on the report as well. It is highly recommended that you add a comment when you edit a report! for auditing purposes.

You can add a comment from the Report Details screen, where you see the Approve and Edit buttons. Scroll down to the bottom of the report and in the bottom left hand corner you will see a +Add Comment button (as pictured below).

After you click on the Add Comment button you will see the following box:

Select the related section that you made an edit or want to add a comment to, enter your comment, and click on the Submit button. The Date, Time, your name, section the comment was made for, and the comment will appear in the comments section at the bottom of the report.