What kind of NFC tags do I need to order?

So long as the NFC tags match specification below and that you choose the type of tag (tamper-proof, on metal, screw in, etc) that you want to use for a specific location then there really isn't a specific style you need to order. We do recommend water resistant tags for outdoor locations.

NFC Tag Specifications:

The NFC Tags should have a chip type of NTAG216.

NTAG216 has the most storage space and allows the tag to store the "Message to Officer" and "Placement Instructions / Description" fields.

Different Types of NFC Tags?

There are also variations in the tags in terms of how tamper-proof they are, what they can be placed on, and how they are anchored. For example, not all tags can be placed on metal. Some tags are designed to break and become unusable if anyone tries to remove them. Other tags are industrial strength or can be anchored down with a screw.

All of these features should be consider when purchasing NFC tags.

Currently we only support Android devices that have NFC technology built in. Apple devices will NOT scan NFC tags as Apple is slowly opening up this technology to developers.

Water Resistant NFC Tags

Example: Water Resistant On-Metal NFC Tags

Please see our Support Article on how to Program your NFC Tags