If you have a green connection icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen please attempt to log-in. The message you're seeing may be incorrect.

Please be aware that DNS issues, causing the OfficerReports Application to not connect to the OfficerReports.net servers, is not something that we can control and is often caused by what is known as cache poisoning / spoofing. This could also be caused by your provider holding on to data that is no longer correct.

Windows PCs

  1. Launch the start menu by pressing the Windows key and search for “CMD.” This should return the command prompt.
  2. In command prompt run the following command:

    ipconfig /flushdns

  3. You will then see a confirmation message saying it has flushed the DNS resolver cache.
  4. Restart your computer
  5. Attempt to browse OfficerReports.net again

Mac (Mac OS)

  1. Click “Go” up in the toolbar and then “Utilities.” (Shift-Command-U)
  2. Open the Terminal.
  3. Run the following command. You will need administrator access to do this.

    sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder && echo macOS DNS Cache Reset

  4. Restart your internet browser (Chrome, FireFox, etc)
  5. Attempt to browse OfficerReports.net again

Mobile Devices

Unfortunately, there is no workaround for Apple or Android devices because DNS changes are not generally allowed on mobile devices. This depends on your provider. If using a mobile device you can try to flush your DNS cache by either turning on or off the device and / or airplane mode.