Download the .apk file attached to the bottom of this article to your Android device to allow you to program your NFC tag Tour Stops.


  • NFC Tags that you use must be NTAG216.  
  • This currently  only works with Android devices.
  • Please check to make sure your Android device supports NFC.

Before Installing the Application:

Android devices, by default, are unable to install software from outside the Google Play Store. In order to install the downloaded .apk file you will need to make sure that "unknown sources" are checked under your security settings:

  1. On your Android device tap on your Settings.

  2. Tap  on the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner of the main setting screen as shown below:


  3. Type in Unknown at the top and it should display Unknown sources. You will need to make sure that this box is checked.

    Note: If your device does not have a magnifying glass icon in the upper right hand corner of the settings screen you can generally find the option to allow unknown sources under device security settings.

  4. You can now download the .apk at the very bottom of this support article (if you are on your device) or if you have a QR Code Reader installed on your device (or your device camera supports QR code scanning) simply scan the following code to download v1.2:
  5. If you scanned the QR Code Above a prompt will appear asking you to open a URL. Tap OK to download the application.

  6. One the download has completed pull down your notification bar and tap the downloaded file to begin installation. You will see the following screen:

  7. Tap Install. You are now set to program your OfficerReports NFC tags!

After Installing the Application:

Make sure that you do not have the OfficerReports Application open with the TagWritter Application. One or the other, and not both, should be running.

Video: Programming NFC Tags


  1. Sign into the App an either an Administrator or a Supervisor
    • An Administrator will be able to Write and Read NFC tags for all Sites.
    • A Supervisor will only be able to Read NFC tags for Sites that he or she supervises.  This allows supervisors to be responsible for placing the tags onsite.

  2. From the main menu, Tap the Write NFC Tag button and then drill down to the appropriate Site.

  3. After selecting a Site, you will see a list of Tour Stops created for the Site.

  4. Tap the Tour Stop to write data to the NFC tag.

  5. From the Write NFC Tag screen, hold the device against the NFC Tag for a few seconds to write data to the tag.

    After the data is written, you will receive a message saying Write Succeeded.  Tap the OK button. If the tag does not write the first time, you may have to pull the tag away from the device and try again.

  6. You can either write all the tags at once and then place them at the Site later or write and place them one at a time if you are at the Site.

  7. To write more tags, tap  the Back button and select a different Tour Stop.  The Menu button can be used to jump to other screens.

  8. The Read NFC Tag feature is useful when placing tags or verifying what Tour Stop a tag is associated with.  From the Read NFC Tag screen, hold the tag against the device. The Tour Stop Name and Placement Instructions will display. If the tag is blank or a tag that hasn’t previously been written to by the OfficerReports Tag Writer App, a message will display to indicate that the tag is a not an OfficerReports tag.

Available Versions:
We recommend using the latest version of the NFC Tag Writer (1.2).

NFC Tag Writer 1.2

NFC Tag Writer 1.1

NFC Tag Writer 1.0