Video: Getting Started - Smart Features

Step-By-Step: Setting Up Smart Features

To setup Smart Features follow these steps:

  1. Use the Smart Features tab in the Site setup (Click Edit) to enable and set up your alerts.

  2.  Enable Clock In / Out By Phone Onlyto force Clock In/Out from a landline at your client's site.
    1. Enter the landline number that the officers should be calling from. We provide you the ability to use 2 telephone numbers.  

      Please enter the phone number starting with "+" followed by the country code and phone number.

      Example: (+15554443333).

    2. Your officers can then dial (855) 980-5788 to enter their employee number and Clock In/Out.

      The employee number they will use is the one found under Setup -> Officers. You can add / change the "Employee Number" field by clicking on Edit next to the Officer you need to update this information for.

      When Clock In / Out By Phone Only is enabled, officers will NOT be able to use the Clock In / Out option on the OfficerReports App for that Site. 

  3. Enable Check Tour Tracker Scan Activity to have the software monitor your security officers tour tracking activity.
  4. Set the Minutes Between Checks to tell the software how often to check your officers tour tracking activity.
  5. Specify the Minimum Total Scans that the officer should be doing during the time interval that you set and the Minimum Unique Stops Scanned.

    The total scans are the total number of Tour Stops that the officer does in a time period. Unique scans are the number of separate scans they have to do.

    Example: If you have a site with 4 tour stops (North, South, East, and West) and the officer has to do 4 scans per hour he could do North, North, North, North and that would be 4 scans. But by telling the software that there have to be, for example, 3 unique scans he would have to do North, South, East, North. Hence 3 unique and 1 duplicate.

  6. Enable Check for Clock In and set the Minutes Before Start Time and Minutes After Start Time to tell the software the time period in which you would like your officers to clock in.
  7. Enable Check for Clock Out and set the Minutes Before End Time and Minutes After End Time to tell the software the time period in which you would like your officers to clock out.

    ***Please note that after setting up and/or changing the Smart Feature settings, it may take up to 1 HOUR for the software to acknowledge the settings and begin sending out alerts.***

  8. Send SMS Notification to Supervisor: Sends contents of Smart Feature Alert, via text message, to all Supervisors assigned to the Site.
  9. Create a schedule using the Time and Attendance module. Smart Features use your schedule information to determine when it should be sending out alerts. (See also: Setting Up Your Schedule)