Field Inspection reports are used by field supervisors or other supervisory personnel to conduct inspections of security officers. Field Inspections must be associated with a site that is in the software.

Once a field supervisor arrives at a site, the supervisor will log into the reporting app and complete the field inspection report by selecting the site that he is at. But in some cases the site that the field supervisor is inspecting may not have been added to the software. In those cases there are 2 options: 1) Add the site to the software; or 2) Add a generic site that is used for the collection of Field Inspections.

In the image below there are two Field Inspection reports.  Report #1 is a Field Inspection that was submitted from a site that was in this security guard company's account.  Report #2 is a Field Inspection submitted from a generic site that was added specifically for submitting Field Inspections at sites that have not been added to the software.