Many of the drop down lists within your officers' reports are customizable.  Specifically, you are able to customize:

  • Incident Types on your Incident Reports
  • Observation Types on your Daily Activity Reports
  • Maintenance Types on your Maintenance Requests
  • Equipment Types on your Temperature Log
  • ID Types on your Visitor Logs

Video: Customizing List Types

Step-By-Step: Customizing List Types

Once you have customized your specific types you can even copy that list of types to multiple sites. The same steps will be followed for each type.  For instance, to customize your Incident Type List:

  1. Once you have logged into as an administrator click Setup ->  List Types -> Incident Types.
  2. In the All Types box is a list of all your current Incident Types across all your sites. 
  3. Click the Add Type button to add your new type and then click Submit.
  4. Click the Add List button to create a new list or click the pen icon next to a current list to edit that list.  Once you have named the list click Submit.
  5. With the new Type List highlighted drag and drop all the relevant types from the Types Not In The List box to the Types In The List box and click Save.
  6. With the new Type List highlighted click the Site Assignment tab and assign the List to the relevant sites.