The Incident Checklist is a customizable 5­-Step procedure that you specify ahead of time for your officers to follow when they are responding to incidents. The Incident Checklist eliminates the need for your officers to have to dig through their post orders to ensure that they are following proper procedure.  Using the Incident Checklist you can create checklists for as many incidents as you need.

Video: Incident Checklists

Step-By-Step: Incident Checklists

Because each site will have its own Incident Checklist, setting up the Incident Checklist is accessed through the Site Options menu.  To set up your Incident Checklist follow these steps:

  1. After logging into click Setup -> Sites.
  2. On the Sites page click the Options button to the right of the site that you would like to set up the Incident Checklist for.
  3. On the Site Options menu click Incident Checklist.
  4. On the Incident Checklist page click +Add Incident Checklist.
  5. In the Add Checklist window enter an Incident Type (i.e. Fire, Tornado, etc.) and the 5 steps that the officers should follow.
  6. After entering the 5-steps click Submit.

You can add as many Incident Checklists to each site as necessary.