Post Orders are a critical component of a security officer's day-to-day activity. The Post Orders outline each security officer's duties and actions during their shift. Using the Post Orders feature, you can distribute revisions to your Post Orders without having to print them and physically deliver them to the post.

Video: Post Orders

Step-By-Step: Post Orders

Because each site will have its own set of Post Orders, uploading post orders is accessed in the Site Options menu.

To upload Post Orders follow these steps:

1. After logging into click Setup -> Sites.

2. On the Sites page click the Options button to the right of the site that you would like to upload the Post Orders for.

3. On the Site Options menu click Post Orders.

4. On the next page fill out the following information for the site:

     -Site's Address

     -Site City

     -Site State/Province/Region

     -Site Phone Number

     -The Client Contact for the site

     -The Client Contact's Phone Number

     -The Maintenance Contact for the site

     -The Maintenance Contact's Phone Number

     -The Police Department that responds to the site

     -The Police Department's Phone Number

     -The Towing Company for the site

     -The Towing Company's Phone Number

5. Use the Comments section for any abbreviated instructions that you would like to give to the officers.  In some instances that may be the routine to follow at the beginning of the shift or the number of patrols the officers need to do per shift.

6. You can then upload a full copy of your site's Post Orders by clicking Upload File (these must be in .pdf format).

7. Click Submit.