Thanks again for signing up for our FREE trial. We hope that you love our services as much as we do.  But now that you have signed up for OfficerReports, let us walk you through the process of getting started.  This is a relatively simple process that will take about 4 minutes.  You will need to setup your customer, the sites for that customer, and any officers that will be using the Security Guard Reporting App.  You can follow the video below, or the step-by-step process outlined below.  Either way you should get what you need.

Note: Please be aware that, at this time, only supports Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (NEW), Safari, and Firefox internet browsers.

Video: How to Get Started

Step-By-Step: How to Get Started

I. Setup Your Client

  1. Click on the Setup tab then click on Clients.
  2. On the following screen click +Add Client.
  3. In the following field indicate your client’s company name, if you would like for them to receive incident reports, and click Submit.
  4. Next click on the Users button to the right of the client name.
  5. Click the +Add User button and enter the users information.  Once you are done click Submit.  The client level user will be able to see all the reports for all the sites at that client.

II. Setup Your Sites

  1. Click on the Setup tab and then click on Sites.
  2. On the following screen click +Add Site.
  3. Select the client that this site will belong to.
  4. In the Site Name field enter a name for this site.
  5. In the Address of Site field enter the sites address and click Go.

    Note: You will only be able to use the app at the site that you setup because the App verifies your GPS location against the location of the site.  If you are demoing the app use your current location.

  6. When the map pops up move the pointer to the center of the site. You can then change the size of the geo-fencing area to narrow in a bit on your site and have the ability to use either a circle, rectangle, or custom shape. Once you are satisfied with your geo-fence click Submit.
  7. Click the Options button to the right of the site name.  In the window that opens click Users and +Add User at this site.  The users at this site will only be able to see information for this site.

III. Add Officers

  1. Click on the Setup tab then and click on Officers.
  2. On the following screen click +Add Officer.
  3. Add all officers that will be using the Security Guard Reporting App.  If any of the officers are supervisors place a check mark in Is Supervisor.  In the popup window indicate the site that the officer is a supervisor at.
  4. After completing each officers information click Submit.

Now that you account is setup, your officers can log into the security guard app when they are at the site. See how to setup the app on your Apple or Android Device.