If you are looking to fill a shift that is vacant or find a replacement for an already scheduled officer using the Open Shift Request feature will help you quickly send out a request to all Supervisors and Officers on your account.

Note: Please make sure that you have a valid email address and phone number on file for your Officers under Setup -> Officers.

Video: Open Shift Request

Submit an Open Shift Request

To submit an Open Shift Request click on the New Open Shift button in the filters area on the Schedule page (Time & Attendance -> Schedule) or the Open Shift button at the bottom of the New / Edit Shift window:

Schedule Filters & Actions
New / Edit Shift Window

Open Shift Window:

From this window you will be asked for the following information to build your request:

  1. Name: of the Site you are looking to fill an Open Shift for.
  2. From & To: Start / End Date & Time for the Shift.
  3. Timezone: for the Shift.
  4. Contact: Person that should be contacted if the Officer / Supervisor is interested in filling this Shift. 
  5. A preview of the message that will be sent to all Supervisors and Officers on your account. The number and email address will be automatically pulled from the contact (Administrator, Call Center Representative, or Site Supervisor) selected.

Clicking on Submit will send your request and confirm that it has been sent.