You can view your current subscriptions, manage your payment information, and see past invoices by visiting the My Invoices page under Setup -> Account -> My Invoices

Video: My Invoices

  • Subscriptions - View your current officer reports subscriptions, plan type, service credit balance, current balance due, estimated next bill, and number of Sites currently active on your account. You can also update your payment information on file.

  • Invoices - View your current/previous invoices (from when your account was migrated).


  • Subscription Started -  Date your subscription was started or your account was migrated.
  • Current Service Credit Balance - Any services credits that have been issued to your subscription. 
  • Current Balance - The balance that is currently due or past due.
  • Estimated Next Billing Amount - Estimated amount that will be due on your next bill date. 
  • Sites - Number of Sites on your account.

In the billing details section you can update the payment method on file by clicking on the Update Payment Method button.


  • Number - OfficerReports Invoice Number
  • Issued At - Date the invoice was issued.
  • Due Date - Date the invoice is/was due.
  • Status - Current status of the invoice (Paid, Open, Past Due)
  • Total Amount - Total amount for the invoice.
  • Amount Due - Amount due if the invoice has not already been marked as Paid.