Geofencing Alerts notify account Administrators and Site Supervisors, via both Email and SMS, when an officer leaves the geofencing area of a Site. 

Video: Geofence Alerts

Step-By-Step: Setting Up Geofence Alerts

To setup Geofence Alerts  follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Main Site with your Administrator credentials.
  2. Click Setup -> Sites.
  3. While adding or editing a Site click on the Smart Feature Settings tab.
  4. Click the Send Geofence Alert checkbox.

  5. Administrators and Site Supervisors will receive these alerts via Email and SMS. You will want to ensure that your profile (Setup > Your Profile) and Site Supervisors (Setup -> Officers) have a email address and phone number listed.

    The arrow below shows approximately where this alert would trigger when the officer steps outside of the Geofencing area:

Email Notification:

SMS Notification: