Custom Reports

Is there a paper report you've been using to supplement a report that is not available in OfficerReports? We can help with that! 

Report Examples:

  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • K-9 Health Check
  • Facility Maintenance Check

*** Our Development Team can create a custom report(s) that fit your needs, based on the example(s) you provide.


** Custom Reports are specially created and an additional one-time fee does apply. Please submit the form above to start the process of obtaining a quote.

Steps after a Custom Report Request is submitted:

  1. Technical Support will send you a request for the example report(s).
  2. A Customer Experience Manager will be in touch with you regarding a mock-up of your custom report(s) and a quote for development.
  3. Once approved and all of the required forms are signed and submitted our Billing team will invoice you.
  4. Your Customer Experience Manager will provide updates throughout the entire process and let you know when the report is ready for your review.
  5. Once you approve the final report it will be pushed to your account per the requirements in your request.