When you are receiving a No Sites In Range Error the software believe that you are not at a site.


If you are on a mobile device try these steps:

  1. Go outside so that the your device can better pickup your GPS location.
  2. Make sure that you are at the correct location. 
  3. Ask your system administrator to ensure that the site is properly setup.
  4. Ensure that you are using a cellular connection and not on WiFi.  
    If you are using a WIFI connection, your mobile device maybe receiving bad information about your physical location. Use this website to below to ensure that you are getting an accurate location. If your location on the map is inaccurate then you will have to use a cellular connection.



Desktop and laptop computers depend on the Internet Service Provider (ISPs) to provide their locations. In some cases ISPs do not provide accurate locations for computers and laptops. We have seen in some cases that the ISPs indicate that the computer is located miles from it's actual location. So if you are on a computer and receive an error that says "You are not close to any site contact your administrator" and you are at the site, your ISP is probably not properly giving a true location.

When this happens OfficerReports.com's GPS verification software will not allow your officers to log in because it thinks that they are not at the site. But in those cases we can turn off GPS verification for that site to allow your officers to log in. If you suspect that is what is happening, please contact us and we can help you resolve the issue.

To test whether or not your computer is giving an accurate location, please use the website link below to test to see where your ISP has indicated that your computer is located. Don't forget to allow your browser to give your location if you are prompted: