GPS Verification is a process that we use to ensure that your security officers are at one of your client's sites before they log into the software.  GPS Verification compares your security officer's GPS location to the location of your sites.  By using those 2 pieces of information, we can ensure that your officers are at work before they are able to access the software.

GPS Verification works a little differently for officers and supervisors and for Sign In and Clock In/Out.


Because of GPS Verification, security officers cannot Sign In on the software from anywhere else other than one of your sites. But supervisors are not constrained by GPS Verification for Sign In. Supervisors can Sign In to the Officer Portal / Mobile Application from anywhere, which will permit them to submit reports for their sites in cases where an officer is not able to.


GPS Verification on Sign In applies to officers but not to supervisors. But GPS Verification for Clock In/Out applies to everyone.  So although a supervisor may be able to Sign In at a site from anywhere, they cannot Clock In/Out because GPS Verification applies to everyone equally.


You can request deactivation of GPS Verification for sites where that functionality is not needed. When GPS Verification is deactivated, officers and supervisors can Sign In and Clock In/Out from any location. Please note that GPS Verification cannot be deactivated for Tour Tracking.