Report Options

The Approval Required feature can be found under Setup -> Sites  -> Edit -> Report Options.

Approval Required *  **

The Approval Required option keeps your clients from seeing any reports that your officers have submitted until the report has been approved by a supervisor or manager.  Once the report has been approved the report will be visible to the client. The date, time, and person who approved the report will be recorded and displayed on the report.

*CAUTION: When using this feature ensure that you have someone who is responsible for regularly monitoring and approving reports. If you don't, your clients will not receive you reports in a timely manner.*

**Please note that if you choose to use this feature, once you activate it if you have Daily Activity Reports or Incident Reports already in the system you will have to go through those historical Reports to approve them. If you fail to approve all past reports after activating this feature, the reports will no longer be visible to your clients.**


The Editable option for reporting allows Daily Activity Reports and Incident Reports that have been previously submitted by your officers to be edited. This will allow supervisors and managers to correct spelling and or grammatical errors that may be contained within the report. Once a report has been edited, the last date and time that it was edited, in addition to the person, will be recorded and displayed on the report.