Call Center Reps are a special class of user who can:

  • Add / Edit Officers
  • Reset Officer Passwords
  • Receive and Submit Incident Reports from your officers in the field.
  • View and Edit the Schedule at your Sites so they can find officers to fill open shifts.

If you have a centralized incident reporting system where your officers contact your office to submit incident reports, the person receiving the call would be the Call Center Rep.  Setting up Call Center Reps in OfficerReports will give the Call Center Reps the ability to easily submit and review incident reports as well as easily find officers to fill open shifts.

To add Call Center Reps to your account:

  1. Log into as an administrator and click Enter Main Site.
  2. Click on the Setup tab and click on Call Center Reps.
  3. On the following screen click +Add Call Center Rep.
  4. Add the Rep(s) that will be submitting incident reports for your organization.  *Please note that you can not have a Call Center Rep Username that is the same as an officer.
  5. After completing each Call Center Reps' information click Submit.

When the Call Center Rep logs into they should click Enter Main Site. From the main site they will be able to view and submit incident reports as necessary, reset