Although the overall price of data plans continue to decrease, many customers are concerned that using will exceed their basic data plans, when in fact that is typically not the case. Downloading a Daily Activity Report takes about .13MB. So upload of the report to our servers will be relatively equal, depending on the amount of information that your officer submits. So let's call that .30MB for download and upload.

To put that into perspective, if you have a 168-hour site where your officers are submitting 1 DAR per shift for an entire month you are looking at about 27.9 MB (.028 GB) of data use per month. If you are expecting to submit additional reports (Incident reports, parking violations) you can estimate those reports to be about the same size and extrapolate as necessary.

With typical data plans of 1GB of data usage a month, you see that you have more than enough bandwidth to submit reports as necessary without increasing data plan costs.

Note: Multiple of Photo, Video, or Audio files attached to reports (Especially Video) can cause data levels higher than the example mentioned above.