The Sign In Log (Reports -> Sign In Log) shows you when your officers have successfully signed into a Site and automatically captures their geo-location data.

When should I look at the Sign In Log?

There are many cases where this log is helpful. The most common use case is officer accountability.

Example:  A officer tells you they were at the location but not able to clock in immediately you can look at this log to see when they signed in and adjust their timesheet accordingly.

What does Last Signed In, Has Location, and OTT App mean?

Bringing up this report will display many familiar columns. There are a few columns that are specific to the Sign In Log that we've covered below:

Last Signed In - minutes that have passed since the officer last signed in to OfficerReports

Has Location - were we able to capture the geo-location information? The common case where this would be NO is if the officer is logging into the Officer Portal via a  computer,  geo-fencing restrictions were disabled for that Site (or they're logging into.a supervisor account), AND they did not allow their browser to capture their location information.

OTT App -  YES indicates the officer is using the Android or iOS mobile application.  NO indicates the officer is using the Officer Portal via a web browser.

Sign In Log Details:

Clicking on the Details button next to any of the Sign In Log entries will bring up the Details window, as shown in the image below.

Most of the information shown will be familiar. We've covered some of the less familiar terms and how they are used with OfficerReports below:

Accuracy-Within  -  accuracy that the device is reporting (in ft.). This varies depending on surrounding building materials, obstacles, or electronic interference.

Distance from Site - distance from the center of the Site geo-fencing area (in ft). You can view the center of a Site by going to Setup -> Sites -> Edit (button). It appears as a white dot at the center of the geo-fencing shape.