The SOS Log (Reports -> SOS Logs) shows you the SOS Alerts that your officers have triggered from their mobile devices and allows you to close out an alert with additional information.

How do I receive these alerts?

These alerts are sent to all Administrators on the account and to Supervisors who are assigned to the Site where the Alert was triggered and contains the phone number listed for the officer who sent the alert.

As an Administrator you will need to be sure the phone number, where you want to receive these alerts, is correct by going to Setup -> Your Profile. You will also want to be sure that you have the correct number on file for your Officers and Supervisors (Setup -> Officers).

Starting with OfficerReports 3.8.9, for both Android and iOS officers will see a SOS button at the bottom of the Site menu (just below Sign Out). When an officer taps and holds on the red SOS circle it will begin a countdown (to prevent accidental triggers), as shown below:

After the countdown has completed,  Administrator and Supervisors for the Site will receive a text message with the following information:

  • Officer Name
  • Site the Alert was triggered from
  • Latitude and Longitude of the Officer
  • Phone Number listed on the Officer profile

How do I close an alert? 

From the SOS Logs page (Reports -> SOS Logs) click on the Close button.

From the Close SOS Log screen, enter your notes into the Notes section, then click Mark as closed.

After an alert has been closed the Closed status will change from No to Yes, and Notes will be visible in the Notes column. You can export these logs by clicking on the Export button.