Scheduling your officers can be a difficult task, especially when trying to fill an Open Shift. Knowing the current number of hours an Officer has worked at a Site and if they have Experience can be important on who you decide to assign to a Shift.

Note: This feature requires using OfficerReports to track Officer Clock In / Out Records:

Recommended Setup:
Getting Started: Payroll
Adding and Editing Time Clock Entries
Setting Up Your Schedule

Video: Show Work Hours


  1. Click on Time and Attendance -> Schedule
  2. Click on the Show Work Hours button while Adding / Editing a Shift:

Work Hours Details:

From this screen you will see a list of all Supervisors and Officers on your account, sorted by those with Experience first:

  1. Select: Check to select Officer
  2. First: Officer First Name
  3. Last: Officer Last Name
  4. Hours: Officer Hours Worked / Clocked in the current pay period
  5. Experience: Indicates if the Officer has worked (Clocked In) at the Site in the past 6 months
  6. Assign to Shift: Click assign all selected / checked officers to the shift.