Below you'll find examples of both QR Codes and NFC Tags that can be used for the Tour Tracking / Tour Stop functionality in OfficerReports.

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Pros and Cons of QR Codes and NFC Tags

What are QR Codes?

A QR Code can come in different shapes and sizes. Generally, they are square with square sections contained within them. These sections (white and black) contain information like a barcode would and are easy to scan within the OfficerReports application with the rear-facing camera of a device.

They can be used for various purposes and you can see them used in applications like OfficerReports, magazines, on billboards, and even in some places that you wouldn't expect (on a soda/pop bottle as an example)

Here's an example:

If you scan the above QR code using either your iPhone Camera (built in by Apple) or in newer versions of Android (7.0+), it contains information that will ask to open a browser on your phone and take you to, after you pass over and focus on it.

What do QR Code Label sheets and QR Codes look like?

It's a blank polyester sheet of polyester labels which you print the QR Codes on using your inkjet or laser printer. It's just like printing Avery Mailing labels. You place the polyester sheet in your printer like any other piece of paper, face up or face down depending on your printer, and print the labels.


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What are NFC Tags?

NFC (Near Field Communication) tags can be found in various shapes, sizes, shapes, and types. An NFC tag can be used for various things but within OfficerReports, they are used to scan Tour Stop patrol points.

As you can see from the above image these tags contain electronics/wiring within them. When you place your device near or on an NFC tag it sends a signal (and low-level power) to the tag and receives a response. You've seen NFC used in grocery stores on both Android and Apple devices to make a payment at checkout, where you can simply tap your phone on the credit card terminal to make a payment.

NOTE: Currently we only support Android devices that have NFC technology built-in. Apple devices will NOT scan NFC tags as Apple is slowly opening up this technology to developers.

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